About Us

Lincoln Avenue Public School is located in Ajax, Ontario and serves students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Principal’s message

Welcome to Lincoln Avenue Public School!

As we enter the second month of this new 2019 year, we are reminded of the importance of setting goals. The students are very familiar with goals, as they work daily with learning goals and success criteria. Goal setting is a chance to review the necessary steps to make a positive change. Research shows that setting measurable and specific goals allows us to achieve success more quickly and effectively. Please review your child's report card on February 13, and look closely at the Learning Skills section on the front page. Together with regular attendance, and punctuality, responsibility, independent work, initiative, organization, collaboration, and self-regulation are the skills and behaviours that are linked to student achievement, and directly impact the ways in which your child succeeds in school. Together, think about next steps, and then set one or two goals that will set them on the path for making a change.